7 mars, 2024

Revelop joins the INREV Technology Committee

Calle Wettergren Henriksson, Head of Proptech and Digitalisation at Revelop has been accepted as a member of the INREV Technology Committee. The membership allows Revelop to share our knowledge and contribute to the digitalisation of the industry.

Revelop has an ambitious ESG-strategy to extend the life of buildings and transform assets from brown to green. As part of the transformation journey, buildings are digitalised with new technology enabling continued life span and being more sustainable. We are therefore pleased that a representative from Revelop has been accepted as a member of INREV’s Technology Committee.

”Participating in the INREV Technology Committee allows us to share our experience and knowledge while providing a unique opportunity to learn and engage in new solutions. This also supports our own path in being at the forefront of the field and having a continued positive impact on the industry,” says Calle Wettergren Henriksson.

Revelop has made significant investments in digitalisation, working closely with several established Proptech companies as well as startups. The results of these collaborations show substantial energy savings in properties, while the company’s operations have become considerably more efficient, as all employees have access to the same real-time data.

“We look forward to Calle Wettergren Henriksson joining the INREV Technology Committee. Through Calle’s expertise, we will have the opportunity to share Revelop’s successful technological advancements with all members within INREV” says Claire George, Chair of the INREV Technology Committee.

INREV is the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles. Its goal is to share knowledge and improve transparency, professionalism, and best practice across the sector as well as continuously promotion the evolution of real estate investment across Europe and globally.

The purpose of the Technology Committee is to investigate what current technologies are available, how they are used, and what their implications are for the industry.