29 juni, 2022

Revelop Annual Investor Meeting, June 2022

After two years with the Covid-19 pandemic, Revelop had the opportunity to once again arrange the annual investor meeting. This year, we gathered for the first time in Malmö, located in one of Revelop’s strategic markets, the Öresund region.

The purpose of the day was to illustrate the growth of Revelop and the vertically integrated organization. Further explain our unique ESG ambitions, our investment strategy and the opportunities we see in today’s market. Another important purpose was to allow investors to meet with key members of the Revelop team in person.

Presentations covered the performance of the Revelop funds, case studies for selected investments and a special focus on how we make a positive impact through our ambitious ESG strategy.

The occasion also provided an opportunity to showcase two of Revelop’s assets, Norsen and Tuborg, both located in Malmö and acquired in 2021. To physically visit the assets in their current status and being presented the future visions and business plan on site lead to valuable discussions.

The meeting was a well-attended and rewarding day, with interesting questions and conversations. After all those digital meetings during the past years it was uplifting to meet again face to face and not having to ask if everyone can hear you or see your screen.

To all of our investors, thank you for your continuous support, and a special thank you to all of you who attended this annual investor meeting. It was energizing meeting you all in person again and we enjoyed every dialogue.