17 maj, 2021

Profi has final closing of its fifth value-add fund at SEK 2.1 billion and changes its name to Revelop

Profi has final closing of its fifth value-add fund at SEK 2.1 billion and changes its name to Revelop

  • The largest Swedish value-add real estate fund in seven years
  • The new name reflects the company’s focus on sustainability and ESG

Stockholm, Sweden, May 17, 2021: Profi Fastigheter has recently had final closing for its fifth value-add real estate fund at just over SEK 2.1 billion – the largest fund in its category specifically aimed at investments in Swedish properties in seven years. At the same time, the company changes its name to Revelop to clarify its strategy of repositioning and redeveloping commercial real estate with a distinct sustainable framework and impact concept.


The company has a successful history since its inception in 2004, and today, with a new name and its largest fund to date, it is taking the next step in its growth journey, focusing on impact investments in and futureproofing of commercial real estate in Sweden’s three metropolitan areas.


– With our new name, we want to clarify our investment philosophy and the strategy to invest in real estate that we can reposition in a sustainable way. Thereby we can make a positive impact and contribute to a new, more sustainable society. By focusing on in-fill investment and extending the life of the existing building structures, we contribute to a reduced environmental footprint through better use of resources and avoid the major negative effects that demolition and new construction have, said Thomas Sipos, CEO of Revelop.


The new name Revelop will better reflect the company’s corporate identity, business concept and strategies.


– During our ownership, each property embarks on a sustainable journey – from brown to green. Revelop alludes to the motto of extending the life of buildings, creating attractive places and focusing on efficient use of resources by adopting a circular approach. We think differently and invest in the existing urban environment next to existing infrastructure where we see opportunities for positive change through refinement and densification, said Anders Sylvén, CFO and Vice President at Revelop.


Interest in Revelop V fund was great both in Sweden and internationally, and with a capital of SEK 2.1 billion, the fund is the company’s largest to date and the largest Swedish value-add real estate fund in seven years. With a global reduction in investments in real estate funds by 26 percent in 2020, the successful capital raising shows investors’ belief in Revelop’s ability to create attractive risk adjusted return and a sustainable society.


For more information, please contact:

Thomas Sipos, CEO, ph: +46 (0)70-980 66 06, email: thomas.sipos@revelop.se

Anders Sylvén, CFO and Vice President, ph: +46 (0)73-397 72 20, email: anders.sylven@revelop.se


About Revelop

Revelop is not an ordinary real estate company. We do not follow the stream but look for opportunities that others do not see. We invest in places where we can create positive change by repositioning assets with a distinct focus on sustainability and positive impact. We give more than we get, because overall, it means that we can lay the foundation for a new, more sustainable society. The company is ranked by the data and analytics company Preqin as one of the world’s best performing real estate fund managers over time in terms of consistent returns.