4 maj, 2022

Revelop invests in proptech company Myrspoven

Stockholm, 4 May: Sweden based real estate investor Revelop joins as shareholder in the Swedish proptech company Myrspoven as part of its ESG strategy. Revelop has previously collaborated with Myrspoven on energy optimization of the property portfolio with the help of AI, which has led to a significant reduction in consumption and a significant reduction in the properties’ environmental impact.

Myrspoven is a Swedish proptech company that develops AI-driven software solutions for property automation. Revelop works according to a distinct sustainability concept to take the company’s properties on a sustainability journey from brown to green, where minimizing the properties’ environmental impact through reduced energy consumption is an important part.

– We invest in Myrspoven so that we together can step up the development of smart automation solutions and the work with reduced carbon dioxide emissions from our industry. Myrspoven has come a long way and we want to both support in the development work ahead and at the same time benefit from it in our properties, says Thomas Sipos, Group CEO & Partner at Revelop.

The two companies have an ongoing collaboration about a system using AI technology to learn how to optimize operations for significantly reduced energy use, better indoor climate for tenants and lower costs. AI technology is quick to respond to changes and to maintain a steady level of energy use and ventilation flows. Revelop sees great potential with the technology, which has already provided energy savings of up to 45 percent in the properties that have had the technology installed and are now planned to be installed in the entire portfolio. Such a full-scale implementation of the technology is estimated to lead to an annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 600,000 tonnes.

– It is extremely positive for us that Revelop joins as shareholder and partner. Revelop is at the forefront when it comes to sustainable property management, which is not least shown by our cooperation, which has significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions. We have a lot to add to each other in the continued development, says Anders Kallebo, CEO and founder of Myrspoven.

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Sipos, Group CEO & Partner at Revelop

tel: +46 70-980 66 06


About Revelop:

Revelop is not an ordinary real estate investor. We invest in places where we can create a positive, long lasting impact by repositioning and developing real estate with a distinct focus on sustainability. The company is ranked by the data and analytics company Preqin as one of the world’s best performing real estate fund managers over time in terms of consistent returns. The existing property portfolio comprises 580,000 m2 and the value amounts to SEK 8,3 billion.